Tricks and Tips to Get More Likes and Comments on Youtube

Are you want to get more youtube views, but you don’t know how to start??and where to start??Before we get to start we are going to know something about youtube. Youtube are the best platform for who all are looking to promote their business through video. Through youtube, you can get bulk traffic to our channel or website or blog.Youtube comment is one of the best things to promote our videos and it will also help you to get more views to your video.

how-to-get-more-youtube-likes-and-commentsApart from youtube views and likes, comments having some high priority.For that, you can buy youtube views and likes from some authorized sellers.If your video having more number of comments to your channel,then automatically other visitors will visit our video. Here we will see some tricks and tips to get more likes and comments on youtube.

  1. Create a video by using quality content and create a video with clear audio then only-only user visit your video and watch your entire video without any hesitation.
  2. Fix a time limit to your video and control the uploading frequency of your video,it will help you to increase the visitor’s count of your video.
  3. Ask a feedback to your video and add subscribe “button” at the end of your video.
  4. Don’t use an unrelated audio to your video that entirely spoils your video and starts to reduce your visitors count.
  5. You can share your videos in other social medias like facebook,twitter,google plus and so on.
  6. Add your videos to other communities and groups where the group of people was gathered and it will help you to increase your ranking.

By using this above 6 tricks and tips you can easily get more views and comments to your youtube channel and you can also buy views on youtube from some authorized sellers. Hope it will be more helpful for a newbie.