History of Bolt Cutters

Bolt cutters were used from the 18th century and they were manufactured the tool with less sophisticated and from crude metal. The earlier tool types were made from pig iron to produce the bar iron which required the shape for a tool.

From mid 19th century, they make the steel as their basic manufacturing process. The tools like bolt cutter are getting benefit from this because of quality improvement and the production methods.

A bolt cutter is an important tool in dock workers, shipyard, and kitbag. They were mainly used for this to cut the thick chain, snipping bolts, wires and etc. This one of the best power hand tools in 2016 and used mostly in the construction field.

Bolt cutters are also known as bolt croppers which are used for hand-holding and heavy duty tools which can also use to cut tough objects such as rods, padlocks, chain and etc. This tool has long handles and short blades.

A pair of the tools header varies with different hexagonal bolts and slide screws. It also has various features like adjustments and replacement of the blades. And also the configuration of the blade will vary according to work it used for.

One of the commonly used blade id center cut which used to cut in the middle or center of two cutting points. The hinges in the tools were used to transfer more power to the tool and also it has long handles. The cutter handles are measured in length as a meter and the cutter with short handles is 8”.

The cutter has different blades but with a normal single hinge at the neck. It is more powerful, life-saving tool and useful. But need to take more safety concerns when using them.

Parts of the bolt cutter:

Jaws: You can separate the jaws from bolt cutters pair and handles. This tool and blades were connected to handles. That part of the cutter is called as a neck.

Joints: Most of the bolt cutters have multiple joints and great tool’s strength. There are three key joints. They handle bolt; middle bolt and the jaw join bolts.

Blades: This part is important in cutting and jaw section. It also comes in a different configuration and makes extremely hard for different uses.

Handles: The handle in bolt cutter is varying in length and the material made from. Based on the length and weight, it will use for different material.

Adjustment Bolts: Bolt cutters have one or two adjustment setting. If your tool has two bolts then you can adjust both tool and blade.

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