Best Hoverboards For Kids In 2017

Nowadays most of the people are getting affair in the self-balancing scooter. But most of the kids also have a desire to drive the self-balancing scooter. Here is the list to help you to get the best hoverboard for kids.

Most of the parents and caretaker will avoid the hoverboard into the children. Because at earlier a lot of hoverboards are came without the certificate called UL.

Best Hoverboards For Kids In 2017

Which means without the certificate of UL will chance of getting the fire. In most of the flights are not allowed the self-balancing scooter or hoverboard due to this reason.

Some companies are made the self-balancing scooter with cheap spare parts, and the batteries might be the not sufficient test for the quality checked.

After this fire cause most of the american stores, are disappearing this kind of hoverboard. So, Later on, some trustable companies are preparing the hoverboard with UL certificates which mean those are safe to use.

There are plenty of models and companies are available in the market. But people do review self balancing scooter before made a purchase for the kids.

The two legitimate companies are available in the market which is SWAGTRON and RAZOR.


The originally known as “SWAGWAY.” Typically these boards are cheap in rate, and sometimes it has the battery issue.

However, the company moved into some rigorous testing for their board and be successful in the testing also renamed the product name called”Swagtron.”

This Swagtron got an UL-2272 certification which indicates the safer ride with safer battery pack up. The battery has been covered with aluminum.

This board has an all basic features and advanced facilities like a Bluetooth, Headlight and Tracking Location.


The trustable and big company, this shows great models for the kids. The name is called Razor Hovertrax, and the version is 1.0 also this is an iterative model, virtually can display all of the features and merits of other hoverboards.

Now the company is working with the second model with version 2.0 name is called “flagship”. The Hovertrax 2.0 is not only the safety for kids also it contains the separate battery compartment.

The battery compartment is removable, and it has the two battery packs that can help the people to swap at any time they want to enjoy the long lasting ride.

Final Wrap

So after read about the two companies you need to take a decision to select the right company hoverboard for your kids.

Checking features and advantages are necessary before taking the decision. Hope this information will help you to take the good decision.

Types Of Mobile Banking

The Improvement of technology is creating the comfortable life for people. In the banking sector, a lot of new technologies has introduced consistently. Nowadays usage of the smartphones is high. So banks grab the customers attention by launched the mobile banking.

By using mobile banking, the customer can send money to any bank branches in India like a computer. So, this technology brings more customers to the banks.

Types Of Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking Over Wireless Application Protocol

Mobile Banking through WAP is a service which allows the customer to access your bank account. By using mobile banking, you can initiate the money transaction over the internet. The customer can access their Mobile Banking either in mobile data or Wi – Fi.

The Mobile Banking Application supports to different platforms like Android, IOS, Blackberry phones. A Majority of the banking services are available in the mobile banking application.By using Mobile Banking, you can access a lot of banking activities.

Below are the services available on Mobile Banking Over WAP,

  • Access your bank account and other related services too.
  • You can transfer fund between various bank accounts using beneficiary details along with IFSC Code.
  • (Note: – Do you have any confusion to add your payee branch? Let us assume, a lot of Citibank branches available in your city, you can use IFSC Code to differentiate the branches.)

  • You can make all the Enquiry services such as Mini Statement, Account statement, etc.,
  • Make an Instant Payment for your utility bills.
  • Make a request for loan/Cheque book/ stop payment, etc.,

Mobile Banking Over SMS

To utilize the Mobile Banking, you do not require to download any particular application. The SMS Services are available on all the phones. It works like any other message service.

If you want to know the updates on your account, you are required to send a message to some particular number, and you will get an instant reply along with your details.

You need to raise a request for Mobile Banking access to your bank or register your mobile number using your bank ATM’s. The following services you can get via SMS services.

  • Enquiry Services such as Balance Enquiry, Account Summary, and Last Three Transactions.
  • Instant alert on every activity happens in your account.

Mobile Banking Over USSD – Unstructured Supplementary Service Data.

The USSD – Unstructured Supplementary Service Data was introduced to target the rural areas. The services of USSD can be enjoyed by anyone with any mobile phone.

The Mobile Banking over USSD is unlike an SMS service. It is a real-time interaction between the customers and bank. You have to dial some pre-fixed number and press the dial button; the popup will appear then, you can choose the next step from there.

Below are the services available on Mobile Banking over USSD,

  • Mobile banking over USSD will always support VAS – Value Added Services such as DTH recharge and Mobile recharge as well.
  • Using, IMPS you can transfer the money via Mobile.
  • Use Mobile Application to locate your branch and ATM’s around you.